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The 'seasons' in Tropical North Queensland are the 'Wet' and the 'Dry'. The Wet is the summer, from November to April, a time of high temperatures and humidity. The Wet is characterised by huge tropical downpours and spectacular electrical storms caused by monsoon activity. This is also the time when the Tropics show their true colours as the swollen rivers, dripping rainforests and dramatic skies remind the visitor of the area's untameable nature. The Dry, from May to October, is winter, a time of more gentle temperatures and humidity and much less rainfall. The Dry is the usual tourism period.

Refreshing sea breezes and plenty of sunshine make Tropical North Queensland the dream holiday destination. However, wear a hat and highly-rated sunscreen outdoors all year round. Sea temperatures range from 23-28º C from winter to summer. River and waterfall temperatures are cooler. Air temperatures range from 23-30º C (73-86º F) in the Wet and 19-24º C (66-75º F) in the Dry. The tropical north has an average annual rainfall of 2010mm (nearly 80 inches). Check the Bureau of Meteorology for more details (

You will need light resort wear, swimming costumes, sandals and sarongs for most of your stay in Cairns. A wide-brimmed sunhat and highly-rated sunscreen are essential all year round. A raincoat may not be necessary, as temperatures rarely fall low enough to be uncomfortable, but an umbrella in the Wet will help prevent a drenching in the summer thunderstorms.

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